About Us

WSDA & Hassan Associates

WSDA is a New Zealand based company providing EQ based training and staff development programme. We take the best of innovative training and deliver it to our clients. We have established the academy so that your business can grow and develop because your people will have the workplace skills to communicate well with each other, to think positively about your business and to engage in the work in a way that builds your business and their capability.

Mr. John Faisandier  is the President and CEO and Mr. Ahmed Bari is the Vice President of WSDA.  To know more about WSDA please visit www.wsda.ac.nz

Hassan Associates commence their journey in 2015. To achieve the vision “To establish dynamic and international standard life changing training, corporate and personal financial consultancy to prepare the next Generation of Bangladesh”. Hassan Associates is now the strategic partner of Institute of Certified Management Accountants, Australia (ICMA Australia), Workplace Skills Development Academy (WSDA), New Zealand, American Board of Hypnotherapy and NLP (ABHNLP).

Hassan Associates is the exclusive partner for The Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA) Australia to offer the Graduate Conversion Programme and ICMA Qualifying Workshop in Bangladesh. The company is also a pioneer in developing specific customised training programmes in health and wealth being for both finance and non-finance professionals in the corporate sector. Lead Consultant Mr. Mohammad Sazzad Hassan CMA (Aus), CHRM (ACI) is the Regional Director of ICMA Australia in Bangladesh. To know more please visit www.hassan-associates.com

Qualify CMA Australia in Bangladesh